Station 3

7300 Kipling Street, Arvada, CO 80005

Arvada Fire Station 3 is located at 7300 Kipling St.  The land for the station was purchased in 1956, and the building was constructed in 1962.  The building is a single story brick structure which has seen 2 additions since original construction.  The latest remodel occurred in 2009 when the kitchen and bathrooms were updated.  Station 3 includes 4 bedrooms, an office, fitness area, kitchen, and day room.  The apparatus bay has space for 2 pieces of equipment. Today Engine company 3’s mascot is The Hose Apes.

Today, Station 3 houses Engine 53, a 2007 Pierce Contender Engine. This Engine stands 9’ 7” tall and 31’ long, Engine 53 is equipped with a 750 gallon water tank and a 1500 gpm pump. In 2016 Engine 53 responded to 1,260 medical calls, motor vehicle accidents, structure fires, and citizen assist calls for aid. Engine 53 is staffed by a 4 person crew comprised of an Officer, Engineer, and 2 Firefighter/EMT’s. Station 3 also houses a 1997 Dodge Ram 3500 Brush truck. This Brush truck has a 250 gallon water tank and a pump. This brush truck responds to wildland fire calls within the District.

Prior to 2004, Station 3 was staffed by volunteers, and for a short time housed the offices for the Division of Fire Prevention. During this period Station 3 firefighters were members of the District’s technical rescue team and held certifications in confined space, trench rescue, building collapse, and high/low angle rope rescue.