AFPD General FAQ's

Do I live within AFPD Boundaries?

How do I sign-up for reverse 9-1-1?

How do I reserve the training center?

Can I get more info on the Auto X training?

Where can I get my fire extinguishers serviced?

Can I get more information on your Honor Guard?

How can I request your Pipes and Drums Band?

I have a question about my EMS bill...

What is our ISO or Town Protection Class Code?

Do you accept volunteers for Community Service?

How can I contact your Public Information Officer?

Do you offer Ride-Alongs?

I have a question about grills or fire-pits...

Does Arvada Fire have any fire dogs?

Do you offer department patches for collectors?

How far away should you be when parking near a fire hydrant?

How can I make a monetary donation?