Arvada Fire Protection District has been awarded a Class 2/2x ISO rating by the Insurance Services Office. The rating is a gauge of a fire agency’s ability to serve its residents and business owners, and is awarded based on a number of key factors- including staffing, apparatus, training, 911 communications, and water supply.  This ISO rating puts us in the top 3.4% of of all of the 46,042 Fire Protection Areas evaluated.

The ISO system ranks for a Class 1 (the best) to Class 10, which is no fire coverage at all. The Insurance Services Office completes an evaluation of the nation’s fire-response agencies (around 46,000) about every 10 years. Its independent rating is based on a number of factors that relate to the overall effectiveness of fire protection services. The classifications act as a predictive value for insurers while benefiting both commercial and residential property owners. 

Our 2/2x rating shows the split classification for our district. The first number is the class that applies to properties within 5 road miles of the responding fire station and 1,000 feet of a creditable water supply, such as a fire hydrant, suction point, or dry hydrant. The second number is the class that applies to properties within 5 road miles of a fire station but beyond 1,000 feet of creditable water supply. The map below identifies the locations of the 2 and 2x classification areas. 

Accreditation map