Youth Firesetter

For more information about Arvada Fire's Youth Firesetter (YFS) Intervention Program,  fill out our request form or call 303-424-3012.

How do we define "youth firesetting behavior"?
Youth ages 3 to 17, if they have been involved with a firesetting incident, misused fire, or used fire without the supervision or permission of a responsible adult.  Fire use/misuse includes match or lighter use without the ignition of other items, or the ignition of explosive devices including, but not limited to, fireworks and chemical/reactive explosive devices.

Warning Signs

The following is a list of "Red Flags" or indicators that your child may have a serious fire-setting problem. If your child has set more than one fire or has had more than one incident of fireplay AND one or more of the following, you are encouraged to seek professional help:

  • Recent changes in behavior
  • Attention deficits, temper tantrums, mood swings, impulsive behavior or excessive anger
  • Problems at school, such as discipline, learning problems or unexplained absences
  • Other troublesome behaviors such as stealing, lying, and drug or alcohol use
  • Deliberate efforts to collect fire materials
  • Failed to get help to extinguish a fire
  • Shows extreme curiosity about fire
  • Recent losses due to health, divorce, loss of friendships, move, etc.
  • History of being abused or neglected
  • Sad, withdrawn appearance
  • Poor self esteem and family stresses
  • Daydreams about fire
  • Boasts about setting fires
  • Aggressive behavior toward people or animals
  • Behaviors indicating he/she is a loner, a risk taker or a fighter
  • Fire set deliberately to harm others or to destroy property
  • Fire set out of anger or in response to a family problem 
Go to http://www.fireproofchildren.com/ to learn about YFS from an outside agency.