Home Safety Visits

Arvada Fire is happy to help you with your home smoke alarms and CO detectors.  If you need help changing the batteries in your alarms, if you need smoke alarms and can't afford to buy them, or if you need help installing the new alarms that you purchased, please click on the link and fill out our online form. We will be happy to help!  In addition we can offer you a home risk assessment to help reduce slips, trips and falls in the home.

To request a home safety visit please click HERE

If you are looking for more mobility assistance the City of Arvada has a great new assistance program. The Arvada City Council recently approved Safe and Accessible Arvada a project aimed at renovating the homes of low-income, elderly and disabled residents to provide them with better ease of access in their homes.  For more information or to apply for assistance, visit the Brothers Redevelopment website at brothersredevelopment.org or call them at 303-685-4225.