Welcome, The Arvada Fire Protection District is a special district form of government, and as such is not affiliated with any City or County Government.  90% of the district’s funding comes from property taxes.   The District is committed to providing prompt, professional, and compassionate service in a fiscally responsible manner.  The District’s mission statement “to preserve life, property and the environment” give our entire organization a statement of our purpose.  Our organizational values, as identified by our committed workforce, are dedication, integrity, dependability, courage, and respect.  The District also values “transparent government.”    Visitors to this site have access to independent and objective analyses of the District’s management and operating practices, as well as financial documents and recommendations from outside the organization.    Unfortunately, many of the emergencies our firefighters respond to are preventable.  Please take a moment to review the fire and life safety information on this site.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
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